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Diamedica distributes the highest quality and innovative diabetes medical technology Australia wide.

Brands We Work With


Bydand Medical distributes all over Australia to wide range of parties in both the medical and veterinary fields, from first aid products to superior theatre quality instruments and sutures. We are renowned for our efficient order processing and personal customer service.

We import all our ranges from reputable manufacturers of medical products from Germany, India, U.S.A, Belgium, Pakistan and Indonesia. Our buying power means that we can offer superior value for money in a competitive and often cost sensitive environment.


SafeLan is a brand recognised in lancing devices. Safelan has produced an innovative medical consumable device which was designed for a clean use.

The idea behind the Safelan device is on a reusable equipment scale limiting costs in the log run. SafeLan specialises in blood glucose monitoring with those people who live with diabetes. SafeLan has developed both the device and the lancet, making easier for customers to use, as it allows a simple procedure for both new and existing customers.


Clickfine has developed pen needles which are affordable and assists in the improvement of the quality of life of those whom live with diabetes.

ClickFine is a product on it own which subs from MyLife. Though it is marketed by Perrigo Diabetes Care. The ClickFine pen needles has been designed to allow it to be attached to any pen device both in brand and other brands. The Clickfine pen needle uses a thin wall technology for a faster flow of mediational fluids .


Sterisets has a long history in manufacturing medical supplies, growing within multiple countries. Sterisets focuses on manufacturing high quality products.

Sterisets has always been on the edge of the leading market, meeting technical requirements in permanent evolution and transformation. Sterisets sells both products and services, throughout the medical industry, creating a great customer relationship with consumers and businesses. Sterisets is globally successful in the medical industry.

MyLife Diabetescare

The MyLife Diabetes care is a sub-brand from a much larger company Ypsomed. The idea behind the brand MyLife was to focus on the specifics of Diabetes.

MyLife Diabetes care specialises with both products and services for people with diabetes mellitus. Some of MyLife's most popular products are the insulin pumps, infusion sets, pen needles, blood glucose monitoring systems. Nevertheless, MyLife Diabetescare has developed other systems which also assist the treatment and monitoring of Diabetes.


POCD, are interests of health care industry. providing information on the point of care, drug & alcohol, sexual health, wound care and etc.

The POCD has developed medical research to better the health of Australians, over the years they have discovered the many ways to improve health and source the best medical technology in the world. There main priority is to empower those interested in healthcare to front line so that general individuals like us are not left behind.

Silverline Medical

At Silverline Medical delegate their time and work to the passion of human health. Their core value has lead to ever -strengthening business growth.

Which lead to meeting the needs on medical practitioners in practices, clinics, hospitals and clinics or pharmacies. They specialise in health-related products, which assists in maintain diabetics, kids and babies health, joints and muscle pain and etc.

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Diamedica is also a major supplier of medical devices and consumables to Aged Care Facilities Australia Wide

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Our product have access to over 5,000 community pharmacy across Australia.